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The HistorySmiths is a digital humanities technology company which specializes in the development of online spaces and software for humanities projects, community groups, and more. The HistorySmiths bridges the gap between traditional knowledge centers, such as libraries and museums, and the digital world by creating distinctive online places and software to best share our client's digital humanities work.

Co-founded by Jessica Richardson Smith and Thomas Smith, the team at The HistorySmiths bring experience and professionalism to each project with over a combined decade in the field. We customize our work to your individual needs and concerns by combining our skill-sets in software development, creation and management of digital humanities projects, data visualization, and more to create optimal products of your work.

Let history unfold!

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Areas of Service

Webpage development & Management

Need a crisp website for your group or project? The HistorySmiths will work with you to develop your ideas and deliver a website perfect for your needs.


Problem-Solving custom software

Work with The HistorySmiths to develop your ideas for a software that will save you time! A custom problem-solving software will be produced to simplify your task at hand.


Data Visualization & Database Management

Do you have a collection of data that you need help with? From custom mapping software to database management, The HistorySmiths can work with you from design through production.


And More!

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Science and technology revolutionize our lives, but memory, tradition, and myth frame our response.
— Arthur M. Schlesinger