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Let History Unfold

Areas of Service

Webpage Development & Management

Need a crisp website for your group or project? The HistorySmiths will work with you to develop your ideas and deliver a website perfect for your needs.

We often use SquareSpace as a platform and will work with you on the design, content, production, and management. SquareSpace is an easy platform to work with and we can help you harness its most powerful features.

The Wymer's DC website is an example of this product. Check out our Clients page for more details.

problem-solving custom software

Work with The HistorySmiths to develop your ideas for a software that will save you time! A custom problem-solving software will be produced to simplify your task at hand.

We use Python and modern web technologies to create internal or public websites to create functional software for your needs.

You may be surprised how little it would cost to profoundly alter the pace of some of the most tedious projects that consume staff hours by implementing custom automation and tools. 

Our FlipKit and ArchiBox Labeler softwares are examples of this product. Check out our Clients page for more details. 

Data Visualization & Database Management

Do you have a collection of data that you need help with? From custom mapping software to database management, The HistorySmiths can work with you from design through production.

Whatever you need to know from your data, we can help you get there. Our end results can be anything from search or map interfaces to publication-quality graphs or internal status dashboards.

The Wymer's DC Map and the International Space Station Collaboration Maps are examples of this product. Check out our Clients page for more details.

project development consultancy

Have an interesting project in mind but are unsure of how to proceed? The HistorySmiths can help you direct your project and set manageable goals so you don't fall down the research rabbit hole.

From directing you to resources you may not have known about to helping you framework your research so that it is easily translated into a project, we are here to encourage and aid you.

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