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Since Jessica Richardson Smith and Thomas Smith met in Bloomington, Indiana in 2012, they have collaborated on a number of technology projects. The HistorySmiths was officially founded in 2017 and cements their partnership and commitment to working with humanities groups.

Over the years, Jessica and Thomas have collaborated and produced custom digital technology and platforms to best showcase their projects and those of their clients. Their major collaboration, Wymer's DC, has been used by thousands of people and been featured in major local news outlets. Most recently, they created the ArchiBox Labeler software in 2017 and HomeBASS in 2018.


The Smiths

Photo Credit: Blaire Hensley-Marschand

Photo Credit: Blaire Hensley-Marschand

Co-founder & museum anthropologist

Jessica Richardson Smith

Jessica is an anthropologist with more than six years of hands-on experience working with archaeological and archival collections in an institutional setting. Her academic interests are focused on the overlap between museum collections, digital humanities, and public engagement. She is presently the Research Services Librarian at the Historical Society of Washington, D.C. where she focuses on library reference services.



Indiana University
Bachelors of Arts and Sciences, 2014
Anthropology with Honors,
Latin & Greek, Geology

The George Washington University
Masters of Arts, 2016
Anthropology with a concentration in Museum Training


  • American Library Association

  • Association of College and Research Libraries

  • Association for Computers and the Humanities



co-founder & software engineer

Thomas G. Smith

Thomas is a software developer with ten years of experience working at the intersection of science, the humanities, and code. Eager to work directly with clients, Thomas can help you answer a research question, make a database more accessible, or create a new experience for the public. He currently works with the National Center for Biotechnology Information.



Carleton College
Bachelor of Arts, 2007
Computer Science cum laude


Previous Clients and Employers

  • Center for Knowledge Diffusion

  • Center for Research on Learning and Technology

  • Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center